Training Video: Principles & Practices of Slide Layout


Learn the Essential Skill of Laying Out
Clear, Professional Slides—and it's Free!

In the content-packed training video below, by PowerPoint MVP Ellen Finkelstein, you'll learn the following and more:

Basic principles and simple layouts Advanced principles and complex layouts
  • Where to find layout ideas that professionals use
  • How to use the Tell ‘n’ ShowSM Method for a perfect slide every time
  • The 4 layouts that always look good
  • How the right slide master makes everything simple—and how one top designer does it
  • How to create custom layouts in PowerPoint
  • How to convert bulleted text into perfect diagrams
  • The surprising method designers use to lay out a slide
  • Rule of thirds & golden ratio: Free downloads to make this easy
  • How to create a custom grid just like designers do
  • Controlling eye flow: why it changes how you lay out slides
  • How to include text in your slide layout and deal with logos, footers and other slide junk
  • 3 simple designer tricks to make slides look professional
  • How to get layout continuity from slide to slide








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