Training Video: Principles & Practices of Slide Layout


Learn the Essential Skill of Laying Out
Clear, Professional Slides—and it's Free!

In the content-packed training video below, by PowerPoint MVP Ellen Finkelstein, you'll learn the following and more:

Basic principles and simple layouts Advanced principles and complex layouts
  • Where to find layout ideas that professionals use
  • How to use the Tell ‘n’ ShowSM Method for a perfect slide every time
  • The 4 layouts that always look good
  • How the right slide master makes everything simple—and how one top designer does it
  • How to create custom layouts in PowerPoint
  • How to convert bulleted text into perfect diagrams
  • The surprising method designers use to lay out a slide
  • Rule of thirds & golden ratio: Free downloads to make this easy
  • How to create a custom grid just like designers do
  • Controlling eye flow: why it changes how you lay out slides
  • How to include text in your slide layout and deal with logos, footers and other slide junk
  • 3 simple designer tricks to make slides look professional
  • How to get layout continuity from slide to slide








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26 thoughts on “Training Video: Principles & Practices of Slide Layout”

  1. This was like a whole college course! I really learned a lot. Except that college courses don't teach this stuff for presenting. Looking forward to more!

  2. Thanks for this solid training! You didn’t hold anything back. I wish all presenters would watch this. I look forward to the next video!

  3. Will the courses be given on only one day a month, or can I access them during the month, or a longer span of time? 


    1. Jennifer,
      That’s a great question and thanks for asking it–I didn’t make it clear.

      The great thing about this structure is that course is up for a very long timeā€”at least for several months! All you need to do is keep the e-mail you receive with the URL of the training video. You can even go back and review old videos that way.


    2. Ellen: I just finished my first AutoCad course at Pima Community College, where the final exam was a set of drawings and a power point presentation. I recieved your offer today where I will really use it. The other classes I need to take, all require a power point presentation with drawings. I feel the price is very resonable and coming from you I know it will be "awesome" as the young people say. Thank You for these Video's, Ron Doyle

      1. Ron,
        Presentation skills and PowerPoint are really a necessary skills these days! Glad to have you onboard!

    1. I’m glad you loved the video, but I have to disagree that $47 for a 1-hour video is steep. Mostly, they are $99 and up.
      Here’s one for $99:
      Here’s another for $249:
      Here’s another for $99:

      Let me know if you find this type of training anywhere else for less money. And most don’t include the script, slides, and other handouts.

  4. My Dear friend Ellen
    No surprise… as usual your tutorial is amazing, full of knowledge and great ideas, even for people like me who are professional presentation designers, I watched the video twice not only to learn the PowerPoint skills -that I excel – but mainly to watch how you organize your ideas in a systematic way then reinforce the concept by examples. You are able to teach the most complex techniques in a simple, digestible bit by bit principle!! By the way, I learned new techniques on how to make your videos follow a 3D path then embedd the whole thing in a PP show, we can discuss it by mail, it's far beyond the scope of this comments' area!
    Your friend from Egypt
    Did you get my Holidays' Greetings Show? 

    1. Nabil,
      Thanks for your kind comments! The next one will be just as good. I have some great ideas for animation techniques to show–all useful in a regular, business presentation (nothing overdone).

  5. Ellen,
    This was an amazing training video. I am a senior in interior design school and preparing my digital portfolio in PowerPoint. You have shown me how to create an eye catching presentation to present to potential internships and future employers. I have used PowerPoint before because I am a retired IT person and you gave given me incite into ideas that I had not thought to use in both home and office designs.  I am not totally surprised with your training video because your books are aways awesome and great to read.
    Your loyal fan!
    Carolyn in Atlanta

    1. Carol,
      Thanks for the comment! I’m glad the training was able to help. It’s a topic that many people can use right away to make their slides look better. (And the next one, on animation, will be awesome, too!) Good luck with your portfolio!

  6. Ellen,
    You are a really great person, who shares your knowledge with everybody, like always I am fascinated with your videos, tips, power point presentations, etc. You simplify every complex thing. Now I could make interesting slides.
    I hope every day for your emails.
    I write from Guayaquil – Ecuador
    Thanks for your  help!!!!

  7. Thanks for making your slide layout video+handouts available for free. One great tip I got out of them was to use keylines for a professional look — I've never used those before, but I've started using them now and they do make a big difference, so thanks!

  8. Excellent! I especially appreciate the script availability: I am deaf (and yes, I am a public speaker, presenter and a trainer) and usually can't follow the video tutorials online 100 %.
    Many thanks Ellen!

  9. Ellen,
    Thanks for the tips.  Fantastic training session!!! As always, I just love your training sessions.
    I have emailed this training session to my friends who are involved in presenting and the developing Point Power presentations. I'm sure they will enjoy this presentation as well. 
    Thanks for being you and keep up the great work!!

    1. Thanks, Sheila, I’m glad that you loved it! And thanks, too, for e-mailing it to others; I would like to have several more people sign up to get the full range of training videos. I believe they will be a fantastic resource for people who are actively creating and delivering presentations.

  10. Dear Ellen thank you for your useful video. A few comments: I am an architect and I often use PowerPoint many times (I am quite good at making the layouts, animations and using images). I completely agree with your approach of keeping it simple and avoid all the bullets… one thing I always have issues with is actually applying a master slide at the normal view. I understand how to change a slide master ,  but I always have problems to implement it into the normal view. for example I made the changes you showed, but the page number will not appear on the normal view… MS help is of course of no help at all. Most people I know do not really know how to use the slide master  and they just keep copying the previous slide. If you can add a video of the very essential issues (before design and layout and fancy features). thank you again for all your help. Shawn

    1. Shawn,
      Which version of PowerPoint are you using?
      I’m not sure I understand the difference between “changing a slide master “and “implementing it in Normal view.”
      Regarding slide numbers, you have to have 2 things: A placeholder for the slide number (which is on the slide master) and then you need to choose Insert> Slide Number, then check the Slide Number check box in the Header and Footer dialog box.
      Once I’m sure exactly what you mean, I’d be happy to create a video and post it on my blog.

  11. Ellen:
    Great training video!  I've signed up for the series, and I consider $47/mo a real bargain considering the content and all the other related documents you make available.  I am a banking CIO (IT person) and I have to sell various IT concepts both to IT people and to the non-IT bankers I work with.  I have used PowerPoint to do that for many years.  I am a mathematician and computer programmer by education and have no formal training in any kind of graphic art or design, so I very much appreciate the things you teach in your videos and tips ( I have your 101 Tips and 101 Advanced Techniques volumes) and the easy to understand way that you present them.  Over the years as I've learned to use PowerPoint, I have made many of the typical Death by PowerPoint mistakes.  I do much better now and hope that nobody here remembers what my presentations were like in the early years.  I still frequently attend bad presentations both here and in other places,   It's amazing how bad some of them can be.  I'm not in a position to be critical, so I don't say anything, but some of these people really need some help.  Hopefully people like you can eventually reach these folks.

    1. Bill,
      Thanks for the kind comments! Yes, you’re right–it is amazing how bad some presentations are, even when given by people who are highly-qualified in their field–and who should be ashamed! That’s my goal–to reach them and help them present effectively, so they can make the sale, persuade their colleagues, train effectively–whatever it is they are trying to do. This course is designed to do just that.

  12. Fantastic video. Thank you so much for making this available. I am looking forward to my next presentation now!

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