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Outstanding Presentations Group Coaching Course

Coming Tuesday, November 30th!

Do any of these descriptions sound like you?

  • You have great content you are eager to share with others, but you get stuck on the preparation phase.
  • You are a great communicator, but you fear boring your audience with PowerPoint.
  • You're not a designer, but you need your slides to look professional.
  • You are a master of PowerPoint, but aren’t sure how to distill your content down to organized talking points.
  • You have plenty of information to present, but you aren’t connecting with your audience the way you hoped you would.
  • You want to motivate your audience, but you aren’t sure what techniques will be most effective

If you recognize yourself in any of these statements, this course can help you turn your presentations around.

Wherever you are in the world, you can transform your presentations with this easy-to-follow course!  After taking this course, you will be creating successful presentations, and you will be able to say:

  • I present content that is highly relevant to my audience.
  • I grab the attention of my audience and keep their interest from start to finish.
  • I create impactful, clear and professional presentations with PowerPoint.
  • I am viewed as a leader in my field.
  • I employ a persuasive model to get action from my audience.
  • I can develop a presentation from scratch that enlivens communication with my audience.
  • The visuals I present will help people to remember, understand and decide.

It’s not as hard as you might think. With 13 webinars of detailed content and exercises to hone your skills, you will learn:

  • Principles for content development
  • Principles of design for non-designers
  • Delivery techniques to keep your audience awake and involved
  • How to present clearly
  • The persuasive model to get action from your audience
  • Communication strategies of the best presenters
  • How to draw your audience into the communication process
  • A systematic method for presentation development
  • How to incorporate peer feedback to perfect your presentation
  • Tips, templates and valuable resources
  • Strategies for finding and formatting the best visuals

About Ellen Finkelstein, your instructor

I am the published author of How to Do Everything with PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint for Teachers: Dynamic Presentations and Interactive Classroom Projects as well as many other e-books and articles. I've led numerous workshops and webinars I've been writing about and teaching PowerPoint and presenting skills since 1997. Recently, I organized the Outstanding Presentations Workshop, with top presenters like Rick Altman, Nancy Duarte, Olivia Mitchell, and more.

It wasn't always easy for me. My first attempts to design slides were ridiculed. My first speaking engagements were scary and not very successful. I had to learn and practice principles that I could apply to presenting. I'd like to pass on these principles to you.

What readers, clients, and attendees are saying:

"People actually applauded at the end!! and my friend who was there (and gave me constructive feedback from my lecture in May) said it was great. So thank you thank you thank you! It works!" – Chaya Green, TM Teacher"
"Ellen did an awesome job of presenting the PowerPoint material. I appreciated the fact that she offered many suggestions for usefulness in my profession. You would do well to attend any seminar that Ellen is presenting." – Mary Duffy
"Ellen comes well prepared with useful information to help you become a more persuasive and powerful communicator. She condenses an enormous amount of information into the workshop, leaving you with ample tools and valuable resources." – Mark Petrick, Senior Projects Coordinator "
This was an excellent workshop, well designed for my level of PowerPoint expertise and my relative lack of designing experience. Hand in glove, so to speak." – Kevin Duffy "
You might be able to read how to do something in PowerPoint, but having Ellen walk you through the technique is much more effective. This course is time well spent."- Paul Cleland, Veterinary Affairs Manager
"I wrote a PPT last week using the "Tell'n'ShowSM idea. Worked beautifully. Not surprisingly I ended up with graphically oriented, rather than word oriented, slides. I also wrote the presentation using Word and then figured what visual aids would emphasize something being said. Then brought it all over to PPT. Just the opposite of what I used to do, which was start by opening PPT, pull up the standard bullet point slide and start writing. Thanks for the help!" -Bob Stein

 Who should take this course?

Take this course if you want to…

  • Persuade others
  • Motivate others
  • Inform and train others effectively
  • Gain more business
  • Earn recognition in your profession
  • Master the art and science of presenting with PowerPoint (or other presentation program)

How the course will work

Mark your calendar for the start date–Tuesday, November 30th. The course's structure is uniquely designed to give you the best results. Here's how it works.

13 live webinars, one each week.

  • Each webinar will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings throughout the course.
  • After each webinar, you'll also get the written version, so you'll end up with a handbook that you can use forever. You can print it out if you want and put it in a notebook.
  1. Each webinar will involve a presentation of material and then I will answer your questions.
  2. Each webinar will end with a short assignment to help you practice what you learned. You can do the assignment at your convenience.
  3. After each weekly Webinar, you'll meet with a group of three to four to share what you have worked on, receive constructive feedback, and help each other improve. Groups will be created according to a time that’s convenient for you. (People can group together according to time zones or personal preferences—working in the evenings or on weekends.)
  4. You can perfect your presentation based on group feedback.

Here's a visual diagram of the course structure each week:

The result for you:

A fully-developed 7-10 minute presentation that you have written, designed, practiced, and delivered. An outstanding presentation! Because you'll have guidance throughout the process.

Here is the outline of the lessons you'll receive:

Part I: Content. You'll learn how to use your goal to drive the rest of your content, how to use the persuasive model, how to use copywriting principles to get the results you want, and how to use the Tell 'n' ShowSM method to communicate clearly. You'll use a planner to plan out your entire presentation in advance and a storyboard to pre-design your slides. You'll write an effective 7-10 minute speech, incorporating what you've learned. And much more!

Lesson 1: Plan for success

  • Goal
  • Who is the audience?
  • Title & Subtitle
  • Message in 1-2 sentences
  • Key Messages
  • Request what you want
  • Best presentation techniques to reach your goal
  • Try it out on a colleague
  • Get approval

Lesson 2: Write your script

  • Use the persuasive model
  • Think about your audience
  • Write your middle
  • Write your beginning
  • Write your ending
  • Try it out on a colleague

Lesson 3: Storyboard and gather visuals

  • Create your storyboard
  • Use animation to communicate concepts
  • Use images for best effect
  • Consider infographics
  • Use data effectively
  • Black out a slide
  • Get approval if necessary

Part II: Design. You'll learn techniques that anyone can use to communicate visually so that your audience clearly understands and remembers what you're saying. (You can use any presentation software that you have.) We'll go into the details of how to create clear charts, useful diagrams, and stunning images. You'll use basic principles of design that even non-designers can use to transform your slides from boring or clunky to meaningful and professional.

Lesson 4: Start your presentation file

  • Add titles to each slide
  • Use Notepad to create a presentation
  • Add supplemental content to the Notes pane

Lesson 5: Format the slide master and your color scheme

  • Format titles on the slide master
  • Format the font
  • Delete unnecessary elements on the slide master
  • Save a template for future use
  • Create a color scheme

Lesson 6: Add some design

  • Background or no background
  • Decide on your style
  • Create a sampler slide
  • Differentiate sections or main points

Lesson 7: Add images

  • Find the best images
  • Format images

Lesson 8: Add graphs & diagrams

  • Design diagrams
  • Format graphs

Lesson 9: Work on layout and navigation

  • Lay out a slide
  • Add flexibility with links

Part 3: Delivery. You'll discover how to have a conversation with your audience, rather than just talk to them. You'll learn techniques to polish your speaking. And you'll have time to practice! One lesson will cover learning technique and interactive presentations.

Lesson 10: Practice

  • Read your script out loud
  • Record your voice
  • Videotape yourself
  • Practice in front of a colleague or friend

Lesson 11: Deliver

  • Settle down before revving up
  • Delivery pointers
  • Incorporate interactivity

Lesson 12: Use learning and interactive techniques

  • Create exercises
  • Use dramatic techniques
  • Give quizzes/play games

Lesson 13: Ask for feedback

Bonus webinars! 3 Question & Answer webinars, one after each part, to ensure that you get ALL of your questions answered.

What do you need from your side?

You'll need an existing presentation or an outline of one you want to give. You'll also need PowerPoint or other presentation software that you know how to use. This course is not theoretical; you'll end up out with a real presentation that you know how to deliver successfully.


If you don't find the course to be worthwhile to you,  just let me know before the 5th webinar and I'll refund your money. I want everyone to get value from the course.


You'll get the following free bonuses when you purchase this course.

Bonus 1: Free membership for 6 months in the Outstanding Presentations Portal. (This will sell for of $24.95 and up per month.) This members-only site will contain a huge amount of resources, including:

  • Video and written tutorials
  • Recordings of 6 training webinars that I've given (which I sell for $24.95 each)
  • A presentation and slide library that you can download
  • A place to upload presentations and slides to get feedback (and offer feedback to others)
  • A forum (discussion group) where you can ask questions and discuss issues with other members

Bonus 2: My $15 e-book, 101 Tips Every PowerPoint User Should Know

Bonus 3: My $6.95 e-book, 7 Steps to Great Images

Bonus 4: My video: "One Point Per Slide"

Bonus 5: My narrated presentation: Tell 'n' ShowSM

Bonus 6: My $9.95 e-book, The Lost Art of Persuasion.

Bonus 7: My 50-page white paper: "From Death by PowerPoint to Life by PowerPoint with the Tell 'n' ShowSM Method."


It's easy to enroll! The course starts Tuesday, November 30th!

Choose Your Payment Option. When you sign up, you'll receive an e-mail with the information you need to join the course, including the course home page, the schedule, and lots, lots more! Note: Prices go up $100 after November 22, 2010! Also, registration is strictly limited so everyone will gain maximum from the course.

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If you work for a non-profit organization, e-mail me with details of what your organization does and I'll refund 15% of the purchase price.


If you don't find the course to be worthwhile to you,  just let me know before the 5th webinar and I'll refund your money. I want everyone to get value from the course.


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