Outstanding Presentations Workshop — 2020

Learn from top presentation and PowerPoint experts

The 2020 Workshop is over. Thanks!

Eliminate Death by PowerPoint and make your presentations come to life as you listen to an amazing lineup of guest experts who will share their best techniques, reveal their strategies on presenting, and answer your questions!

  • Sharpen your skills
  • More clearly communicate your message
  • Design clear, powerful — and cool — slides

Here are your experts!

Cliff Kennedy

Communication Success Coach | TEDx Coach | PowerPoint MVP

Do This Now: Five strategies to become a more effective presenter

Tuesday, October 13

Tony Ramos

Presentationist, Consultant, Designer

5 Ways to Look Like a Designer

Thursday, October 15

Steve Kosch

President, Media Training Network
Expert Communication/Presentation Skills Trainer
Former CNN ABC Anchor

Telling your story to the media and stakeholders

Tuesday, October 20

Stephy Hogan

Presentation Guild director, UX leader, inclusive designer

Monkeywrenches: Dealing with Deadlines and Reticent Presenters

Thursday, October 22

Bryan Jones

Founder of elearningart

How to Use a Graphics Library to Engage Your Audience and Speed Up Presentation Design

Tuesday, October 27

Ellen Finkelstein

PowerPoint MVP, author, and trainer

Giving a “Woke” Presentation

Thursday, October 29